ok, now i have patched the server with maildir++ support, but what would happend with all the quotas that are wrong now because of the missing patch?

Ken Jones writes:

On Wednesday 22 September 2004 05:37 pm, Peter Nilsson wrote:

Is qmail-maildir++.patch needed to support quota anymore, if i use a new
vpopmail would the quota work without this patch?

Quotas require Maildir++ support in all programs that update a users
email account. i.e. vpopmail, qmail and any other webmail applications.

vpopmail has Maildir++ support.
DJB's origninal qmail does not. You should verify your qmail code.

I would check qmail-pop3d.c and qmail-local.c
qmail-pop3d.c should quota code for when it deletes email.
qmail-local.c should have quota code for when it delivers email.

Without these updates, Maildir++ quotas will be wrong.

Which ever brew of qmail you are using, verify it has the Maildir++
updates to qmail-pop3d.c and qmail-local.c.

It would be good if this requirement was documented somewhere.
vpopmail quota support requires Maildir++ support in qmail and any
other email applications running on the machine.

Ken Jones

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