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>Erwin Hoffmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> most - if not all - of your requirements are met by my QMVC
>> (http://www.fehcom.de/qmail/qmvc.html).
>> Inbound is trivial, outbound can be done via a 2nd Qmail instance.
>Umm.. Excuse me, but both inbound and outbound logging are already 
>covered by stock qmail (http://cr.yp.to/qmail/faq/admin.html#copies)

If you look again at the URL you mentioned and compare it with:


you will realize that "logging" != "logging" (sorry for the bad math).

>Whatever he will use as a MDA to check if the messages will be actualy 
>stored to the logging account or just ignored is his choice, either it 
>be procmail/maildrop/qmvc whatever  :)
>And simscan 1.0 has support for per-domain avir/spam. yeah.

Have to have a lookt at it.


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