Does the hashing that is used by .dir-control depend at all on the actual domain name? For example, if it came up with a hashed
directory structure in which to put "", would it matter if I went in to /var/qmail/users/assign, and changed the name of the domain
to "", and then of course changed the directory name from to Would this be a problem?

My problem is I am trying to migrate a bunch of domains (600+) from my own hash style, into vpopmails native .dir-control hash style. So my
plan goes something like this:

I create a dummy domain
I create all the accounts under just like the domain I am trying to move over
I then move all the Maildirs into and then change the name from to the domain I was moving

I am thinking this should work, but not sure if .dir-control cares what the name is of the domain, or if the hash has nothing to do with the structure of the domain


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