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Does the hashing that is used by .dir-control depend at all on the actual domain name? For example, if it came up with a hashed
directory structure in which to put "", would it matter if I went in to /var/qmail/users/assign, and changed the name of the domain
to "", and then of course changed the directory name from to Would this be a problem?

My problem is I am trying to migrate a bunch of domains (600+) from my own hash style, into vpopmails native .dir-control hash style. So my
plan goes something like this:

I create a dummy domain
I create all the accounts under just like the domain I am trying to move over
I then move all the Maildirs into and then change the name from to the domain I was moving

I am thinking this should work, but not sure if .dir-control cares what the name is of the domain, or if the hash has nothing to do with the structure of the domain
If you use MySQL it will matter as the dir hash info is stored under the domain name. If you do not use MySQL, I would think that you would be ok. The new .dir-control will be correct for the number of users/hashing. The .dir-control file does not have any domain information inside. vpopmail cares not one wit about the name of the domain it is hashing.



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