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Hello all,

New user/abuser here...

1. Last night, due to a problem with a corporate mail server, my mail
server got flooded with ~20k emails. It tried like heck to chew through them
but the poor little machine just wasn't havin' it. My setup is a gentoo box
running vpopmail, qmail, qmail-scanner, spamassassin, -prot, and courier-et
al. with the latest packages as of yesterday. I have two questions 1.
Outside of better hardware what are some things I should do to the software
config to better equip it for things? Switches, etc...

What do you have now for hardware?

What version of SA are you running?

What extra rules are your running in SA?

How many messages do you normally handle a day?

I have found that when getting blasted to the extent that it becomes a hardware issue, turning off SA until you can get the queue cleared helps quite a bit.

If you are doing Razor lookups in SA, stop. I've not found Razor to make a difference in spam caught compared to to the network and system resources it consumes.

If you are doing RBL lookups in SA, stop. RBL lookups are considerably faster with qmail and saves you having to process a message that you later would dump when it gets to SA anyway. Example; I move 40k to 50k inbound messages a day, 65k+ of those I dropped at the smtp level via qmail. If I had used RBL lookups in SA I would have over doubled my SA load.

Number two, this
message appeared quite often last night. What exactly is it telling me?

It has been my experience,

someone/anyone correct me if I am wrong,

but you A) need to upgrade to 5.4.6 as there were changes to the SQL code or B) your MySQL connection was timing out.

It seemed to me that those errors went away here when I gave MySQL more resources. Of course, YMMV, and I could be just a nut ;^)


I realize this email is vague and poorly worded so any comments, questions, and suggestions to further the discussion would be greatly appreciated.



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