tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

chkuser 2.0 has been released.

New version is available on:

These are the most evident changes:
- new design, a lot more easy to install and update
- extended logging
- flexible and powerful tarpitting
- quota checking
- Makefile working with every vpopmail database (cdb, MySQL, LDAP, Postgres, etc.)
- a lot of chkuser settings added
- change of name, from chkusr to chkuser.

2.0 has been tested and put in production for more than one month, than other people has tested it before this public release (thanks to Juergen Kendzorra, Remo Mattei, Bill Shupp, Machiel Kuitert).

As usual, test it deeply before putting on production system.

Looking at the docs and install page.... You Da Man!

I didn't see anything in the docs or change logs specifically regarding the mysql connection problem that sometimes crops up with vpopmail. Has this been addressed ?

I'll try it out later on my test server, thanks for all your work.



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