This release contains some minor fixes.  I just wanted to push it out
the door before I added some beta code related to valiases.


Michael Bowe
- Mention in README.mysql that is is possible to create mailboxes
  by inserting entries directly into the MySQL table.

Tom Collins
- Don't try to delete dir-control for domain unless users-big-dir
  is enabled.
- Verify user exists before trying to set quota in vsetuserquota().
- Update cdb/Makefile so you can 'make install' without doing
  'make' first.
- Fix size comparisons to MAX_PW_X (should be ">", not ">=").
- Fix possible buffer overflows in vsybase.c.
- Have vconvert reset dir_control and increment it for each user
  added when converting from cdb to MySQL.
- If crypt() doesn't support MD5 passwords, fall back to using
  a valid, non-MD5 salt even if MD5 passwords are enabled.
- Fix format string vuln. in vactivedir.c (thanks D4rk Eagle).
- Added comment to vqmaillocal.c mentioning that it isn't
  maintained and probably doesn't work.  Makefile no longer
  installs vqmaillocal.

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