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I've read all the posts in the archive afterching on "valias", a lot of posts, and I think my assumptions are correct. I would like to know if there are any limitations I should be aware of.

--enable-valias configures vpopmail to store .qmail-alias files in a table. It does not affect the .qmail files in POP/IMAP user directories.

Currently, it can only properly handle email forwarding or calling a single program. In the initial design, there wasn't a method to ensure the processing order of alias entries. So, any .qmail-alias file in which the execution order is important (like spam scanning), will not work with valiases.

It should be a simple fix -- add an auto-incrementing sequence column to the table and sort the results by it. Entries will always be returned in the order they were added. The only problem is we need an easy way to update existing valias tables to add the column. More complex .qmail files will be difficult to edit/manage if stored in the valias table.

You can store aliases, forwards and autoresponders in the valias table. ezmlm mailing lists need to stay in .qmail files so ezmlm-make can modify them whenever the list's settings are changed. .qmail-default remains as a .qmail file so qmail-local can find it and pass the message on to vdelivermail.

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