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> Sent: 24 September 2004 15:02
> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] Quota
> Vpopmail has domain quotas, but they're broken.  Even if/when they do 
> work, they add a lot of load since vdelivermail has to calculate the 
> domain's disk usage every time a message is delivered.
> I didn't write the original implementation, I don't use them myself, 
> and I'm not particularly interested in finding the problem and fixing 
> it.

Ok! I have a large number of domains to administer (6000 ish). I Just
stumbled upon the high disk usage that one domain had through having many
accounts of 50meg mailboxes.

Would a quota filesystem be a big overhead? If not, can you suggest a
implementation for locking a domain to a quota?

If you have any questions or queries please let me know.


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