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Can someone post the .dir-control format (the format of the file, and what each value represents)?

This is a close as I have gotten, though I have not updated any further, it seems to be working fine.[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg19052.html

You might want to read all the thread for context. Once I get some other work done I intend to get back to it and write up all I have discovered.

also if you have a hosed .dir-control structure, how can you rebuild it, so that the .dir-control files are correct?

If you use sql, your dir-control is in there, not in files. I have a perl script that will repair your sql table, for those domains that have an accurate .dir-control file. I did as I converted my domains into MySQL.

if a .dir-control got deleted, how would that be fixed?

In your earlier post you said you used MySQL, if so you do not need a .dir control file, and vpopmail will not create one. All dir-control info will be in a sql table "dir_control".



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