On Friday 24 September 2004 06:48 pm, Juan Enciso Condeņa wrote:
> Hello friends.
> I have installed vpopmail-5.2.1 + mysql-4.013 running on HP-UX alpha
> server. It has 1GB of memory with 2 proccesors.

Definitly upgrade to Tom's latest release. The 5.2.1 release is good but the
new release is much better.

> I am having problem with mysql at the hours peak. This show me the
> qmail-send log
> 2004-09-24 17:32:06.263335500 delivery 96079: failure:
> vmysql:_sql_error[3]:_Lost_connection_to_My
> SQL_server_during_query/Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._(#5.1.1)/
The "Lost connection" message is from mysql.

> I have high concurrency (log qmail-send):
> @400000004154ae4c2cd0fbfc status: local 10/100 remote 150/255
> My mysql setup is for default ( I haven't  /etc/my.cnf created !!!)
You are either using more mysql connections than the default or your
mysql server is over loaded.

> Somebody have a configuration of  mysql for high concurrency and that work
> with vpopmail?
I agree with Rick, use the large configuration file. 
Unless you are running a mysql cluster I recommend commenting out the 
"log bin" line. 

You might want to use InnoDB tables, which I think are the newer ones,
then uncomment all the inno_d lines. 

> Is possible limit vpopmail for don't use more of 100 connections? 
I think the default max connections are 100. So just give more to mysql,
like Rick suggests.

> Because it reboot my mysql daemon
I'm not surprised. Hopefully the max_connections are your problem and 
everything will run smooth. If mysql is still lagging you will need to 
consider a cluster of servers and distributed mysql.

> Should I think use postgresql instead of mysql?
First, fix the max connections. mysql should do fine.

I wonder is there any documentation on how to setup email/mysql/nfs
in a cluster? I would be willing to contribute text.

Ken Jones

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