On Sep 24, 2004, at 8:30 AM, Dave Goodrich wrote:
More complex .qmail files will be difficult to edit/manage if stored in the valias table.
Yes, I had thought so as well, which is why I asked. With command line tools this really could be nothing more than add, view, delete an entry.

We already have that with the valias program. We could implement something like how `crontab -e` works -- build a temporary file, throw it into an editor for the user to make changes, and then ask them if they want to save the changes back to the database.

You can store aliases, forwards and autoresponders in the valias table. ezmlm mailing lists need to stay in .qmail files so ezmlm-make can modify them whenever the list's settings are changed. .qmail-default remains as a .qmail file so qmail-local can find it and pass the message on to vdelivermail.
This is the one I couldn't find a hint of in the archives! I can use both valias and .qmail files within the same domain? (ezmlm and my spam script are the biggest concerns)

Provided I can have both, which hold precedence? If there is a .qmail-<user> file, and a <user> entry in valias, which is run and which is not?

If there is a .qmail-<user> file, qmail-local will deliver to it before vdelivermail is even run, so it hold precedence over entries in the valias table.

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