Am Sa, den 25.09.2004 schrieb Brian Feeny um 6:41:
> Does vpopmail have any hooks available so that when someone adds a 
> domain or removes a domain, I can fire off
> an external script?  


> qmailadmin had some hooks and they are nice, but I 
> need to take some actions whenever a domain
> is added. I am going to have techs adding domains via vqadmin

That's a pitty.

> Since I didn't know of any hooks, I have cron just looking in each 
> domains directory (every 15 min) and if it doesn't see the files I want 
> to be there, then it adds them.  But I would rather have a mechinism 
> that worked more like a trigger/hook.

That would be nice, yes. Unfortunately, it's not there.

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