On Saturday, September 25, 2004 8:08 PM, Tom Collins wrote:
> an auth module.  Make sure that you're configuring it to use authvchkpw
> and nothing else.

yep - my configure script was listed in my previous email - only authvchkpw
is enabled.

I've got a hunch that there is an incompatibility between the newer vpopmail
and courier's authvchkpw

I compiled courier-imap 2.2.0 on a Solaris 2.9 box, with vpopmail 5.2.1.
All IMAP functions behaved as expected.

I took the authvchkpw binary from the 2.9 box, and copied it over to my 2.7
box, with vpopmail 5.4.6

CourierIMAP now seems happy.  I'm surprised no one else has run into this.
Is there anyone out there running vpopmail 5.4.x and courier-imap with
authvchkpw ?

This will be cross-posted to the courier-imap list, just to let Sam (et al)
know about the possible incompatibility.

Jeremy Kister

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