I've got a situation that's driving me insane. (and incidentally, pissing off quite a few clients) Overall setup - 5 nodes running Qmail/vpopmail/mysql setup, vpop 5.4.something. Qmail control files (incl /service scripts) and domains folders are on NFS share, with "me" linked to the particular node's name (hild.dsslink.net for example) on the node's local fs, while bouncehost=defaulthost=defaultdomain=doublebouncehost=localiphost=locals="dsslink.net".

Hosts a few dozen domains, but right now ALL of them work fine EXCEPT dsslink.net. I can manually inject a message via telnet addressed to a valid '[EMAIL PROTECTED]', the same 'user' bare, and a valid user at any other domain we host. The message will be delivered fine for the other domain. The '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' one elicits "No mailbox here by that name", while the remaining (bare username) it tries to deliver to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'!

This was all working correctly until a few days ago. The backend data server croaked, and was revived. (it hosts: nfs, rbldnsd, mysql, ntp) Revivification entailed upgrading from mandrake 9.1 to mandrake 10. Immediately, permissions problems halted everything. Now, permissions are the same for this domain as for others which work, I don't think the problem lies there. This domain's .qmail-default file is identical to that of most of the other domains. (specifically, "| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox")

HELP. :) Any suggestions appreciated. I'm interested in the solution to the defaultdomain part (using the contents of /var/qmail/control/me), but I'm on the clock 24/7 until I get deliveries working again for dsslink.net...


Joel Newkirk DSSLink, LLC

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