I've got a situation that's driving me insane. (and incidentally, pissing off quite a few clients) Overall setup - 5 nodes running Qmail/vpopmail/mysql setup, vpop 5.4.something. Qmail control files (incl /service scripts) and domains folders are on NFS share, with "me" linked to the particular node's name (hild.dsslink.net for example) on the node's local fs, while bouncehost=defaulthost=defaultdomain=doublebouncehost=localiphost=locals="dsslink.net".

DOH! Just realized my problem - someone changed 'locals' to be 'dsslink.net' instead of a link to "me"... Pretty sure it wasn't me, but it's been a bad few days.

Thanks anyway, sorry to have wasted bandwidth. (Of course, the simple act of posting the plea is probably what triggered my brain, vague 'something doesn't look right' feeling about my original post)


Joel Newkirk

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