Nemir N wrote:

Just installed vpopmail for the first time... It seems to be working
fine.   I am not sure exactly what it is doing with everything which
leaves me with a couple of questions.


It seems to point any virtual domain to a new ~/domains/
directory which is fine (great even!)

That makes it easy to find things...

but I have a situation where I
want to set up one popbox for similar usernames across a few domains. i.e. [EMAIL PROTECTED] & [EMAIL PROTECTED] & [EMAIL PROTECTED] should ideally
all be delivered to the same Maildir. I cannot figure out how to do
that and I would love it if someone here helped me out.

If you want all users in those domains to be identical:




NOTE: All users must pick up their mail from Mail to all three domains will be sent there. The alias domains will have no separate mail storage.

If you only want that one user to be special:

create a file .qmail-tutor in ~/domains/ and another in ~/domains/ that contains:


Mail will be intercepted by that .qmail- file and forwarded to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

man dot-qmail

How hard is it to set up some accounts for system account holders, and
other accounts through vpopmail's system?  Is the correct manner to do
this still to change teh useraccount listed in the
/var/qmail/users/assign file?

Since you are a newbie, if at all possible just virtualize everything and have your system users pick up mail with pop or imap. There are less problems that way.

Also, is there any way to pass a different "Maildir" to vadduser? What if I don't want to use ~/Maildir, but would like to use
something else instead?

Qmail + vopopmail works quite well as it is designed. Unless you are an expert don't mess with it. I have contributed code to vpopmail and I use it out of the box, with 100% virtual domains. The biggest problem I have is it works so well, and so long that I've forgotten almost everything I know about it every year or two when I decide it is time to upgrade. (My record is 380 days with no reboots or problems with the mail system. Then I wiped everything and built a new server with the latest version of all software.)

The more you mess with it the harder you have to work to keep all your in house changes working properly.

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