On Mon, 11 Oct 2004 01:08:06 -0600, Rick Widmer
> Nemir N wrote:

> > but I have a situation where I
> > want to set up one popbox for similar usernames across a few domains.

> If you want all users in those domains to be identical:

sadly,  this isn't the case.


> If you only want that one user to be special:
> create a file .qmail-tutor in ~/domains/test.org/ and another in
> ~/domains/test.net/ that contains:
will the email still appear to be from [EMAIL PROTECTED] in this case?

> man dot-qmail

Yes.  I found this only a few seconds after I pressed send.  Sometimes
I think the break I take to go find the list,  sign up,  and send the
questions along is exactly the right amount of time it takes for my
subconscious to figure out the answers.

> > How hard is it to set up some accounts for system account holders, and
> > other accounts through vpopmail's system?  Is the correct manner to do
> > this still to change teh useraccount listed in the
> > /var/qmail/users/assign file?
> Since you are a newbie, if at all possible just virtualize everything
> and have your system users pick up mail with pop or imap.  There are
> less problems that way.

Yes,  fabulous common sense.  Unfortunately,  I am in a position where
one of my system users needs to get her mail through her shell.   I
did seem to manage to get the boxes all set up great following Paul
Gregg's how-to,  however the checkpasswd code refused to compile on my
OpenBSD system.  It was then that I discovered vpopmail and figured
that it would be my salvation.   Seems to be, except for this one
small problem.

I have tried doing similar things in users/assign as I did in that
case,  but  that didn't seem to work...  I will keep plugging away - I
am pretty sure I am close to having it work out okay.

> > Also,  is there any way to pass a different "Maildir"  to vadduser?
> > What if I don't want to use ~/Maildir,  but would like to use
> > something else instead?
> The more you mess with it the harder you have to work to keep all your
> in house changes working properly.

Just wondering if it was as easy as setting up a .qmail file .... 
vpopmail doens't seem to need them for each user.  Or if there was a
different way with vpopmail....

I am trying get a deeper understanding of how qmail + vpopmail work
together.   I am reasonably familiar with the smtp and pop3 rfc's, 
but not setup a unix mail server from scratch before now.

I read Dave Sill's book a couple of weeks back and began re-reading it
an hour ago,  but it doesn't have any mention of vpopmail.  And I am
enjoying being back on this part of the learning curve.

Thanks again fro the help.



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