Nemir N wrote:
On Mon, 11 Oct 2004 01:08:06 -0600, Rick Widmer
If you only want that one user to be special:

create a file .qmail-tutor in ~/domains/ and another in
~/domains/ that contains:

will the email still appear to be from [EMAIL PROTECTED] in this case?

I'm not sure what you are asking... from?

The headers in the incoming mail will include:

Delivered-to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
From: who_ever_sent_the_message

What happens if your local user replies to such an email is up the the mail client they use. In Netscape, I have to remember to change the From: address before I send.

How hard is it to set up some accounts for system account holders, and
other accounts through vpopmail's system?  Is the correct manner to do
this still to change teh useraccount listed in the
/var/qmail/users/assign file?

I have tried doing similar things in users/assign as I did in that case, but that didn't seem to work... I will keep plugging away - I am pretty sure I am close to having it work out okay.

I think there is a way, but I don't know what it will be. Maybe someone else will answer. The fact that it is a single user makes it hard. If an entire domain wanted local delivery, you would just add it to /var/qmail/control/locals and all mail would go to system accounts.

Vpopmail does most of its work as the user vpopmail:vchkpw. Local mail handling must be done as the user receiving the message. Qmail complains if the user receiving mail doesn't own the mailbox, of if permissions are excessive. Vpopmail can't access a system user's mailbox. There are a number of interlocks in the system that make this hard. For the most part they are there for security, and they are a good idea.

Wild guess: Setup a fake incoming mail domain. Place its name in /var/qmail/control/locals. Forward mail to the special user to the fake domain. That way qmail's local handler will intercept the message and put it in the shell mailbox.

Maybe setup fetchmail in a cron job that gets that user's mail from the pop server every few minutes and drops it in the shell mailbox?

Also,  is there any way to pass a different "Maildir"  to vadduser?
What if I don't want to use ~/Maildir,  but would like to use
something else instead?

The more you mess with it the harder you have to work to keep all your
in house changes working properly.
Just wondering if it was as easy as setting up a .qmail file .... vpopmail doens't seem to need them for each user. Or if there was a
different way with vpopmail....

The .qmail file might be able to deliver mail to a directory with a different name, but then you have to change the code in pop and imap to account for the difference. Just asking such a question on the qmail list might get you flamed. (Especially if it relates to some package that did change Maildir to .maildir. The common suggestion is to wipe your mail system, and re-install using Life With Qmail. Either that or send all questions to the creator of that package.)

I am trying get a deeper understanding of how qmail + vpopmail work
together. I am reasonably familiar with the smtp and pop3 rfc's, but not setup a unix mail server from scratch before now.

The essential documents for me are


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