On Monday 11 October 2004 09:24 am, Bill Gradwohl wrote:
> In a recent qmail list posting, as supplemental information for his real
> problem, a vpopmail user offered his observation that all his .qmail
> files were located under his userid directories.
> i.e. /home/vpopmail/domains/xyz.com/moe/.qmail, .../larry/.qmail,
> .../curly/.qmail.
> As this was on a qmail list, it was inappropriate for me to investigate
> this further there.
> My .qmail files are called .qmail-moe, .qmail-larry, and .qmail-curly
> and reside at the domain level (xyz.com in my example) - not below the
> individual user directories. I tried to put them under those user
> directories, but they appeared to be ignored.
> Where are your .qmail files located and what are they called?
> Did I miss an option to put the .qmail files where I'd like them to be -
> inside the users directory?
> Am I missing something?

If you put them in the users Maildir directory they should just
be named .qmail instead of .qmail-moe, for example.

Ken Jones

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