thanks for the quick reply.
i've dug in the mysql db, and found a vpopmail db.
(and with strace i see mysql librarys linked to the old binarys).
but in the old version there isnt a vpopmail.mysql so thats why i thoght it
was cdb.
that vmysql.h you are talking about should be in the source tree of the old
(which isnt available btw [[= )


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> On Oct 13, 2004, at 11:18 AM, csere matyas wrote:
> > my problem is:
> > for example with the old setup i've made a domain, and added some
> > users.
> > with the new binarys i can see the domain, but it sais there are 0
> > users in
> > it, which is just not true.
> > it seems to be searching for the vpasswd files in the domains
> > directory,
> > which is pretty funny, becouse the older version isnt looking in there.
> Is the older version perhaps using MySQL?
> Do you have a copy of the source for 5.3.16?  Can you look at config.h
> to determine how it was configured?  Also. config.status should have a
> line in it (search for "recheck") that lists all configuration options.
> In older versions, vmysql.h contained the login information for MySQL.
> That's been moved to ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql.  Also note that
> instead of --enable-mysql, you'd use --enable-auth-module=mysql.
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