I think, that you can download with correct name and password but not
to send messages if you are using IP address only (not smtp auth).


14. říj (Čtvrtek) v 08:58:23 CEST 2004, [EMAIL PROTECTED] napsal(a):
> Hi guys,
> my problem in a word is that:
> when open my email client (whichever), I see my IP in open-smtp, and 
> that sounds fine. But, after $RELAYCLEAR, my IP isn't in open-smtp 
> (correct), but if I try to recheck my emails, I could download, but my 
> IP isn't in open-smtp, that is the roaming is disable.
> What I've to do? What I've to check?
> I hope you could help me
> Regards
> Andrea

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