On Friday 15 October 2004 05:26 pm, Florian Munz wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally found the time to install the much needed chkuser-patch and it
> is working really good - almost :)
> I provide SMTPS (SMTP over SSL on port 456) via stunnel and I have
> problems with some mail clients (mainly Thunderbird)
> I got the following error-message when sending mail in Thunderbird:
> An error occured while sending mail. The mail server responded: SER
> accepted sender: from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:> remote
> <[]:unknown:> rcpt <> : sender accepted. Please
> verify that your email address is correct in you Mail preferences and
> try again.
> So there is some chkuser-ouput coming through, but obviously no
> error-message. With Thunderbird and normal SMTP the whole thing is
> working fine.

can you provide recordio [1] output of the session? (hopefully you're using 
something like sslserver from the ucspi-ssl package [2] to run this ssl 
service and not some patch to qmail-smtpd)

That will help greatly to debug the problem you're having.


[1]: http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp/recordio.html
[2]: http://superscript.com/ucspi-ssl/sslserver.html

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