On Monday 27 September 2004 12:44 pm, Remo Mattei wrote:
> Hello guys can someone enlight me?
> this is my .qmail-default

what .qmail-default file did you modify?

> /var/qmail/bin/forward "$DEFAULT"@mail2.mydomain.com
> but when I sent email to an existing user [EMAIL PROTECTED] it still forwards
> it to the remote server even though it should stay.

right, well, and since you didn't say anything, I assume you are trying to 
forward emails to non-existant users to another server for further 
processing.  However, since vpopmail doesn't create .qmail files for every 
single user, and simply uses the .qmail-default file to handle all mail 
delivery, you're actually forwarding ALL messages to the remote site.

If you could explain further what you're trying to accomplish, rather than a 
piece of the puzzle, we may be able to assist you further.


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