On Monday 27 September 2004 03:46 pm, Itamar Reis Peixoto wrote:
> what´s the best user/group to run qmail-smtpd ?
> qmaild / nofiles ?

the idea behind using qmaild / nofiles as the user/group to run qmail-smtpd as 
is the fact that on a given system, the qmaild user and the nofiles group 
should not have permission to write ANY files (other than in /tmp of course) 
and therefore any security problems that may occur with qmail-smtpd will be 
very limited in damage.

you, however, can run qmail-smtpd as whatever user you'd like.  And, for the 
purists out there, if you do intend to change the user you run qmail-smtpd 
as, you should also change it in the conf-users file so qmail-queue's 
"invoked by network" functionality will work, instead of just showing the UID 
of the user you're running qmail-smtpd as.


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