I'm struggling finding a "howto" on a particular issue:

I have a webmail/pop3 account, no IMAP.  I do not run that server and only
have user privs on the email account.  I want to do a ONE-TIME conversion
to pull the 400+ messages from this account using fetchmail (or whatever
you recommend) for delivery to my vpopmail user account.

I run the destination server, it runs vpopmail/courier/mysql, and has a
domain with the particular ./Maildir account that I want to deliver the
mail into.

I was going to use fetchmail -> maildrop -> ./Maildir

I was doing okay pulling together information to accomplish this until I
realized that I didn't have a local account for maildrop since the
destination account is a virtual user in vpopmail

Does anybody have some guidance on where I should go to cook up a solution?
All help appreciated!  Thanks, Dave.

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