I installed vpopmail with MySQL support, without valias support (as seems to be recommended). I've written some PHP scripts that can create and modify email accounts by direct interface with MySQL, but I'm looking for ways to do more administration of vpopmail -- creating aliases, adding domains, etc.

Since .qmail files needs to be owned by vpopmail:vchkpw, and the v* applications need to run as root, I can't really have Apache/PHP try to accomplish any of that stuff directly. What I'm thinking right now is that I could write out formatted text files to a specific directory, then have a cron job (running as root) that parses them and executes various commands: vadddomain, valias, etc.

Has anyone done this, or are there any other suggestions for good solutions to this situation? Are there good reasons to avoid this altogether (assuming its done with a modicum of security checking)?

I know there's a vpopmail extension for PHP, but it's been in beta for a long time, isn't well documented, and seems pretty limited if you're running PHP as an Apache module (for the same reasons that direct calls to v* binaries are).


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