> On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 10:06, ISP Lists wrote:
>> I'm struggling finding a "howto" on a particular issue:
>> I have a webmail/pop3 account, no IMAP.  I do not run that server and
>> only
>> have user privs on the email account.  I want to do a ONE-TIME
>> conversion
>> to pull the 400+ messages from this account using fetchmail (or whatever
>> you recommend) for delivery to my vpopmail user account.
>> I run the destination server, it runs vpopmail/courier/mysql, and has a
>> domain with the particular ./Maildir account that I want to deliver the
>> mail into.
>> I was going to use fetchmail -> maildrop -> ./Maildir
>> I was doing okay pulling together information to accomplish this until I
>> realized that I didn't have a local account for maildrop since the
>> destination account is a virtual user in vpopmail
>> (/home/vpopmail/domains/example.com/username/Maildir)
>> Does anybody have some guidance on where I should go to cook up a
>> solution?
>> All help appreciated!  Thanks, Dave.
> You're fine just using Fetchmail - after that, IMHO, you're
> overcomplicating it with maildrop :)
> I do fetchmail like so:
> /usr/local/bin/fetchmail -s -f /home/root/fetchmail/fetchmail2.rc
> where fetcmail2.rc contains:
> poll mail.com.com proto POP3 user "username" pass "password" smtpname
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] fetchall
> Basically grab anything from the remote user's mailbox and redirect it via
> smtp
> to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'.   Then your SMTP setup takes care of the
> delivery as if all those
> emails came in to your localuser originally.
> Rick

Shucks, that was too easy.  Worked great!  Thanks Rick!

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