Due to popular demand, I have created a mailing list for simscan.  The address 
is [EMAIL PROTECTED] and you can subscribe by sending an email to 

On this list we can discuss development, issues with simscan, installation 
problems, etc :)

simscan is a qmail-queue wrapper package written by Ken Jones that is designed 
to work with clamav and spamassassin to do virus blocking and content 
filtering.  It is written in C so is a very fast and efficient scanning 
solution.  Also, its ease of installation gives users the ability to rapidly 
deploy virus blocking and content filtering on their qmail systems.

Please note that the software IS IN BETA, so you should make sure to 
thoroughly test it before putting it into a production environment.  We 
welcome any and all feedback, bug reports and feature suggestions, so please 
don't hesitate to send them our way.

Thanks and sorry for the big cross post :)


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