hi all..

this is something very simple probably but can not figure it out.
i have vpopmail installed with qmail. it used to work a few weeks ago
without any problem and i have not (or any body else) modified any of the
files in the qmail/control directory.
when i send mail to the machine that has the qmail/vpopmail installed i
get "Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name" in the maillog. i created a new
user under the same virtual domain using qmailadmin. no problems there.
everything under ~/vpopmail seems ok and under the qmail/controls too.
assign, vitualdomains, rcpthosts - they all have the correct entries.

but is till get "Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name" .
what am i missing? where else should i look?



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