I have a strange problem... I'm running Courier IMAP to provide IMAP
service (surprise :-), and relay-ctrl to let roving customers send mail
out through the server. Trouble is while the older Courier v2.2.1 works
fine, the newer v3.0.6 doesn't update any of the files in the allow
directory. Not sure if this is related to vchkpw or not, but I know a lot
of people on the list use this combo and I'm hoping someone else has seen
and fixed this problem before...

The new Courier *does* work for IMAP, and users CAN log in, it just
doesn't mark them with relay-ctrl as being valid. Config is the same as on
the older version.

And unrelated, has anyone had good luck blocking mail from sites with no
reverse DNS entry? I've been seeing loads of relay attempts and bounces
from spammers in China/Korea and none of them have reverses, but I'm
concerned how much legitimate email might be blocked if I do this. Any


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