hi all

i have trouble figuring out procmail with vpopmail.

i have compiled the procmail procmail changing this variables in

#define MAILSPOOLDIR    "/home/vpopmail/domains/"            /* watch the
trailing / */
#define MAILSPOOLSUFFIX "/"           /* suffix to force maildir or MH
style */
#define MAILSPOOLHASH   0      /* 2 would deliver to
/var/spool/mail/b/a/bar */

then i call .qmail-user file after a domain .qmail-default file like this:
|spamc -u "$EXT"@"$HOST" |/usr/local/bin/qmail_procmail

where qmail_procmail is a wrapper script for the procmail with preline

in the .procmailrc file under user/ i have only this (Trash for tests only):

the mail log says that the delivery is a success and is but mails are not
diverted to the Trash directory..

should i set up MAILSPOOLHASH to 2?! that my was next step...

any ideas welcome. thanks...


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