I am using qmail with vpopmail. And I have also enabled mysql support for it.
I am setting permissions for domains & user accounts using vmoddomlimits & vmoduser.
when I set any value using these commands then one value get stored in pw_gid column 
of domainname_com table.
for eg. if I give command ./vmoduser -p [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Value of pw_gid becomes 2.
can anybody tell me that, is their exist any document which can tell me which digit in 
gid is used for what permission.
Like 2 is for disable pop access. So that I can display all the permissions in my GUI.
In short I want to ask why gid is used & how can we use it effeciently.
Or is their an other way to access these permissions.
Or Should I use pw_flags. if yes then how can I use them.
Also tell me what is uid & how we can use it.
Also it will be nice if some can tell me what is the purpose of dir_control table & 
how I can use it.

I tried various search terms on google. But I am unable to find anything.
I tried following terms

1. gid values vpopmail
2. vmoddomlimits vmoduser
3. vpopmail mysql guide
4. pw_gid
5. pw_gid values
6. pw_gid vs pw_flags

I also tried


Can any body pls help ???


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