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> Due to recent displays of interest for vpopmail/postfix integration on this

I wrote a postfix wrapper for vdelivermail 1.5 years ago. With the
wrapper you can use either qmail or postfix with vpopmail. Also the
wrapper does not require qmail to be installed.

Some postfix error code from sys_exits.h could have changed. If any
one wants to hack the code below, they are free do do. Also like any
other free software, my code comes
without warranty or obligations. I also claim no copyrights, etc. You
are free to do anything with the code (except to involve me). If you
do something useful with the code, let me know :)

1. Edit main.cf and master.cf (assuming you have installed and
configured postfix)

Have the following in main.cf

local_transport = vdel
vdel_destination_recipient_limit = 1

Have the following line in master.cf (mind the line wrap)
vdel     unix  -       n       n       -       100       pipe 
 flags=Fq. user=vpopmail argv=/var/vpopmail/bin/postdel -u $user -d
$recipient -r $sender

2. Compile postdel.c
   gcc postdel.c -s -O -o postdel
   cp postdel /var/vpopmail/bin

I used to use it on production before I switched back to qmail.

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