Hello all.

I am setting user a/c settings using ./vmoduser & I can access these details from 
pw_gid field from my domainname_com table. But I want to do the same for domains. I 
have two options either use ./vmoddomlimits or ./vmoduser <domain name>. But which 
ever I use I am unable to find out where it is storing these details in mysql like
   No of Accounts
   Quota in bytes
   Disable pop access
   Disable imap access
   Disable change password
   Disable web access
   Disable email relay
I suppose these domain level details should be stored in vpopmail table. But in my 
case it is showing vpopmail table empty. I don't know why this is happening. I 
configured vpopmail using following options.


I am using
   Redhat 9.
   vpopmail 5.4.6
   mysql 3.23.54

Can anybody pls tell me that how can I access domain details from mysql ?

Amit !!

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