This is primarily a maintanence release.  As I was installing 1.0.4 for a 
customer today I had some troubles which I traced down to wrong clamdscan 
exit code handling and closing some file descriptors which were causing 
clamdscan to exit with a temporary error (and since the exit code handling 
was wrong, it was treating it as if it had been handed a virus, and notifying 
qmail-smtpd accordingly.  Not good!)  This should (hopefully) get rid of the 
annoying "mail server temporarily rejected message" messages some folks have 
been reporting.

I have not yet had a chance to go over the spamassassin code to make sure it 
doesn't also have this same problem, however, the system I discovered the 
issue on, as well as our development system, are now both functioning 
properly with clamav.  I plan to take some time and look over the 
spamassassin handling and do some testing with this.  If anyone finds any 
issues with spamassassin handling (or really, with anything!), please try to 
provide an strace/truss log and email myself directly (please don't post a 
huge strace log to the list :)

That being said, on with the testing!

You can get simscan 1.0.5 here:

Thanks a lot :)


ps: I am working on supporting other antivirus products, if you have another 
you wish to see support for, please contact me as soon as possible, thank 

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