I am setting up Bincimap with qmail/vpopmail and thought I would try out IMAPdir, as 
described in "Update to vpopmail to support Maildir" on the Wiki at 
So, I downloaded the patch (from the above URL), which should modify vpopmail so such 
that it will create a IMAPdir (instead of a Maildir) depot when a new users is added. 
However, when I try to apply the patch I get a malformed patch error
at line 62: 
patching file vpopmail.c 
patch: **** malformed patch at line 62: @@ -2040,6 +2091, 18 @@ 

I wasn't sure whether I should ask here or on the Binc list, so I posted the question 
to the Binc list first. However, this is probably more of a vpopmail issue, which is 
why I am posting here as well. Anyway, Hansen (the author of Binc) responsed that:
The patch shouldn't be malformed still ;-). I hope Felix can answer this question.
End of quote

However, it still seems to be misformed though. Could this error be related to the 
vpopmail version I am using (v. 5.4.0)? 

Best regards.
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