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EnderUNIX proudly anounces the availability of its 10th software: qsheff

Developed by one of the core members of EnderUNIX Software Development team,
Baris Simsek, the tool provides mail server

administrators to launch antivirus and content filter software
simultaneously. The initial version uses EnderUNIX Zabit as

the content filter, and ClamAV for virus checking.

It can be used as a replacement for qscanq. Some of the features are:

1. Simple (just 679 lines of pure ANSI C code)
2. Supports clamdscan & clamd for virus checking.
3. Supports EnderUNIX Zabit for content filtering. No need to use zabit-wrp.
4. Easy installation and setup (Just type ./install.sh and you're done.
No "Temporarily rejected..", "qq read error" errors.
5. Supports mail-quarantina for Internet Service Providers
6. Optimum and fast architecture
7. Flexible and modular for future enhancements.

Project site: http://www.enderunix.org/qsheff
Installation paper: http://www.enderunix.org/docs/qsheff.html
E-Mail list: qsheff at lists.enderunix.org (Subscribe: Send a blank mail to
qsheff-subscribe at lists.enderunix. org)

Best regards,
EnderUNIX Software Development Team @ Turkey
Istanbul, October, 2004

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EnderUNIX 10. Yazilimi qSheff'i Sunar!

EnderUNIX cekirdek takim uyesi Baris Simsek tarafindan gelistirilen yazilim,
antivirus ve icerik filitrelemeye imkan saglar.

Yazilimin ilk surumu icerik filitreleme icin EnderUNIX Zabit'i, virus tarama
icin ise ClamAV'i kullanmaktadir.

qSheff, qscanq yazilimi yerine kullanilabilir. qSheff'in ozellikleri:

* Basit (Yalnizca 679 satir C kod)
* Virus taramasi icin clamdscan&clamd destekler.
* zabit ile icerik filitreleme saglar. zabit-wrp gibi ilave wrapper'a
ihtiyac duymaz.
* Kolay kurulum ve yapilandirma (Yalnizca, './install.sh'. Temproray
rejected hatasi, qq read error hatasi yok.)
* ISP'ler icin karantina sunar.
* Optimum ve hizli bir mimari.
* Ilerisi icin gelistirilebilir, moduler.

Proje sayfasi: http://www.enderunix.org/qsheff/
Kurulum belgesi: http://www.enderunix.org/docs/qsheff.html
E-Posta listesi: qsheff at lists.enderunix.org
(Uyelik: qsheff-subscribe at lists.enderunix. org adresine bos bir e-posta


EnderUNIX Yazilim Gelistirme Takimi @ Turkiye
Istanbul, Ekim 2004

Omer Faruk Sen
Software Development Team @ Turkey
For Public key: http://www.enderunix.org/ofsen/ofsen.asc

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