I have been fighting with the integration between maildrop and vpopmail using qmail for quite some time now! Every time I solve one problem, a new one appears...

I'm sure, that many people is doing as I do, so I would like to get a few hints or two :-)

My wish is to use qmail as MTA, vpopmail (and tools) as domain/user administration and sqwebmail as webmail, so that my users can configure their own mailfilters.

This is running entirely on a closed server, where all users is virtual users - no Unix user here...

The solution I have now is, that I convert vpopmail password files to maildrop/courier-imap userdb format and the in each domain, I make a .qmail-default, which contains

| /usr/bin/maildrop -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]

This works (it reads the users .mailfilter and processes it), but it have two problems:

1: if the users does not exist, delivere is deferred and not bounced

2: the nice vpopmail feature, where domain administrators can choose to bounce or redirect non-exsisting users mails does ofcause now work as I do now uses vdelivermail at all.

My guess is, that the best(!) solution would be to hack vdelivermail to always deliver mail using maildrop -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]

What are you guys doing?

I have searched the archives for answers, but the proposed solutions is all not perfect...

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