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If I could put in my two cents here, If someone who knows the MySQL libs well enough to test the opening of a table, can they also add the proper closing of the table as well.

Several people, myself included, are still seeing problems with MySQL under a large useage. So far I have not been able to get to the cause of the problem other than to convince myself I have no network or MySQL issues. I don't know C well enough to add debug code or create a patch for this, but I am still having users who have to authenticate twice and the MySQL errors I record point to improper closing of the tables, causing a communication failure.

I'd just like to add that I have similar problems. What should be a relatively light load on mysql leads to problems where vpopmail is unable to grab a connection properly. I've been over this here and on the mysql list and hit all the usual suspects.

The one thing that kind of grabbed people's interest was the flood of "connection dropped" messages that mysql will log if I enable the "log warnings" option. On other mysql installations I can leave this on and I just see the occasional error. If I point vpopmail at a db with the logging enabled, it just scrolls errors like mad.

While it's apparently not fatal to not properly close the mysql connection, I suspect that it's adversely affecting performance.

I can give details if interested, and I am willing to be the guinea pig and test the code.




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