Rick Root wrote:

Bill, thanks for that script!

One problem is that I have more htan 100 domains, and in several cases, more than 100 users per domain...

so I was inspired to write a script in perl that parses the output of "vdominfo" to retrieve the directory of each domain... and then parses each vpasswd file for user account directory information.

It generates a CSV for me.


 - Rick

You're welcome.

We are all creatures of habit. I wrote batch file scripts for the DOS/Windows world for so long that moving to bash was the natural thing to do. As Maslow once said, "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail".

I've written some perl scripts, but I have to crack the book every time for the syntax. When you requested a script and I knew I wanted something similar, I just started coding in bash. Your solutions is more specific to vpopmail and hence a better solution. Even if you have non standard directory locations, yours will work whereas mine won't.

I suggest you post yours to the list as its a better base for people to use to expand on it for their own unique requirements. That's what I'm going to do, now that you've done most of the hard work. :-) Thanks!

Bill Gradwohl
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