Hi Guys,

I am trying to make simscan reject spam above a given SA score,
with the following setup:

- simscan-1.0.6rc3
- Mail-SpamAssassin-3.0.1
- Qmail 1.03 + qmail-queue_patch + many_other_patches

I built simscan with the following options:

./configure \
--enable-clamav=n \
--enable-per-domain=n \
--enable-ripmime=/usr/local/bin/ripmime \
--enable-spam=y \
--enable-spam-hits=25 \
--enable-spamc=/usr/bin/spamc \

Everything works fine (mail gets scored by SA and delivered)
but spams above score 25 still pass through.

Any ideas?

If there's a better list to place this question, let me know.



Juliano Simões
Gerente de Tecnologia
Axios Tecnologia e Serviços
+55 41 324-1993

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