On Monday 25 October 2004 01:11 pm, Agustín Ciciliani wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to run vpopmail in a debian box. When I start the server  I see
> the following:
> maria:/# /etc/init.d/vpopmail start
> Starting vpopmail pop3 server: svc: warning: unable to control vpopmail:
> file does not exist
> vpopmail (dt).
> I've been googling and similar errors are always referred to a file but I
> can´t understand what is the problem in this case.

vpopmail is not a standalone daemon.  Please read the INSTALL file for 

If you installed qmail through debian's package management system, you should 
remove it, and simply follow www.lifewithqmail.org to get started.  Once you 
have your qmail system up and working you can then go about adding vpopmail 
and related tools (which is really easy, if you just read)


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