Yes, i've searched there, but my situation is a bit different.

I'll only migrate the ~vpopmail/domains dir to another machine. The
database will be kept the same.
When i do vdominfo <any-domain.com> i receive "domains doesn't exists". I
did some tests bringing only the domain dir, i didn't make vadddomain
because the register already exists on the database.
If I understand you correctly, you shouldn't have to do anything to move the mail itself (domains dir) from one physical machine to another, so long as....

1) Your path on the new server matches exactly the path stored in MySQL (pw_dir field)
2) Permissions are correct, vpopmail:vchkpw
3) The new server has permissions to access MySQL on the database server.



Hi everyone,

I need to make a huge migration from one to another box.
I have my authentication info into a database, but i need to know if just
migrating all the data from one to another will be enough to keep
everything working.


Rafael Felix Correa

Have you searched the list archives? This comes up once a week.


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