On Oct 25, 2004, at 3:02 PM, Bill Gradwohl wrote:
Texas courts are now moving legal documents via email between the respective attorney's offices, and attorneys are asking for a way to archive everything in and out of a virtual domain as a permanent record. The Subject: contains a case number.

As far as inbound mail goes, you could modify vdelivermail to make a copy of the message before completing delivery. It might even be possible to scan the headers and only archive certain messages (like where the Subject line contains a case number). Note that you will be archiving a copy of the message, as it was received and delivered to the attorney. Since mail servers add Received headers (and even Delivered-To headers), it's impossible to archive inbound mail exactly as it was sent.

As for outbound, that's more difficult. You'd have to be confident that all of the attorneys' computers use the correct SMTP server. Perhaps qmail's extra.h patch would help with logging outbound mail. Ken's "queue tap" patch might be a good solution if it just adds an additional address to the list of recipients on the SMTP envelope (kind of like a Bcc). You could then write a script that would scan through the archived messages, determine the original sender (look for SMTP AUTH info, or the "From:" header) and archive accordingly.

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