Ken Jones wrote:

We create a qmail "queue tap" patch to:
1) Set the archival email address in a control file
2) Specify the list of emails to archive in a regex style control file.

They forwarded all the "tapped" emails to a remote machine that
burned all the emails to CD.

If anyone is interested in this "queue tap" patch I can put together
a patch file together for public distribution.

If it can provide an archive per virtual domain for both mail sent to and mail sent from a given virtual domain on the box, then it sounds like its what I need. We're using qmail-1.03, the spamcontrol patch from, vpopmail, qmail-scanner 1.24 which relies on the QMAILQUEUE mechanism, and clamav 8.0.

BTW - For those offering qmail-scanner as the solution, I can't find enough documentation on how it might work, and haven't wanted to spend the time to read the code. If someone is using its archive facilities, I'd like more info on how to get archives per virtual domain.

Bill Gradwohl
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