chkuser 2.0.7, development version, is now available on the site (

This is an important version, because a lot of bugs have been solved and a lot of new features have been added.

But, most of all, this is the first version caring to close all DB connections, and this should solve a lot of problems in busy MySQL environments.

New/changed features:
  • closing of DB connections
  • handling of mailman lists
  • handling of temporary DNS failures (on MX checking)
  • some features are now RFC compliant (now accepting NULL SENDER)
  • handling of .qmail-alias-default
  • a lot of other bug solved and features added.
Patch is working in a production enviromnent, but it is anyway released as "development" version, because changes are so important that I'ld like to have a wider testing.

As usual, please help me testing it.
Any bug warning, feedback or comment is welcome!


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