At 12:52 PM 10/26/2004, you wrote:
how much research did you do before posting this question?

Well, isn't that first post and someone is there, ready to flame me.

the question really had to do with a POP3 server implemented with vpopmail. Do all of them do this? Qmailrocks deals with an IMAP server, if my memory serves me....I dont think is going to help me.

I just needed help in the right direction, less any lip from the mailing list police. Way to set the and cazabon should hang out.


I have installed vpopmail on a server along with courier IMAP server.  The
users are now complaining that they have all kinds of problems(although, I
do not) using the new protocol so I need to implement a POP server.  Now, I
see that people have implied that vpopmail can be used as a POP this true?  I can't see that.  What I need to know is what
POP3 server will be able to work along side of vpopmail whereas I have many
virtual mail domains and users configured using this wonderful piece of

I know this seems like an easy question, but it is not clear to me.


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