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I've discovered the problem with this. Using "MAIL FROM" without the colon, results in a null sender. This bit of code in chkuser.c accepts the email address as it is null:
In chkuser 2.0.5 ommiting the colon would have been picked up with a "571 sorry, sender address has invalid format (#5.7.1 - chkuser)" error

I guess I want to know, is *this* a feature or a bug :)

This is a feature (or better, the new default for chkuser).

Several people asked me to make sender acceptance compliant with RFC, where NULL SENDER may be normally used for bounced e-mails.

Previous 2.0.5 default implementation was too tight: accepting NULL SENDER only for IP with a DNS name caused rejecting of warning messages that could be accepted.

You may turn back to old implementation commenting #define CHKUSER_ENABLE_NULL_SENDER and enabling #define CHKUSER_ENABLE_NULL_SENDER_WITH_TCPREMOTEHOST .




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