On Monday 01 November 2004 03:44 pm, Kleiner, Peter wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have been considering using the chkuser patch in conjunction with
> simscan.  I've looked at the docs and FAQs, but can't find anything
> that talks about how chkuser works with a domain in smtproutes.  Is
> there a way that chkuser could accept e-mail to any account in one
> particular domain?  Is there support for smtproutes?  I have a few
> domains that forward to exchange boxes.
> I did Google for smtproutes both on inter7.com and interazioni.it,
> finding nothing.  Found two threads on the mailing list archives,
> but didn't get a distinct answer.  Sorry if this is a FAQ.

You might be able to dump a list of the exchange users to a file.
Then we have a patch to the old chk user that implements a
check against domains in smtproutes and in the list of exchange users.
Helps block dictionary spam attacks on your exchange accounts.


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